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Find out your maximum affordability
Find out what renting will cost you over the same time it would take you to buy a home
Calculate your monthly bond repayments and how much you could save by paying “that little bit extra”
Need to determine your upfront costs of buying a property?

Property Corner

Get a comprehensive set of checklists to help you evaluate the location/area you are considering, what to look for when viewing an existing property, the additional questions you should ask if you are buying in a sectional title complex, key issues to consider when buying in a new development.

Become an instant “expert” in Gauteng Property prices

How we can help you become a homeowner

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Educational Resources

Your home is more than just a roof over your head. It is a financial asset. An investment in your future well-being.

Escape the rental trap

At just R6000 per month renting will cost you R2.38 million over the time it takes to buy a home and you will have nothing to show for it!!

Maximise the Value of the Home You Can Afford

Learn how to calculate the actual value of the home you can afford and the actions you can take to increase this value to get your ideal home.

Financial Freedom Seminars

Learn how you can prosper through property ownership. Now in its 6th year – over 9800+ people have attended the course and learned about the building blocks of financial freedom.